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 Sarah Brandner

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PostSubject: Sarah Brandner   Fri Aug 22, 2008 7:26 pm

Ok so are some facts ive put together of Sarah! who is Bastian Schweinsteiger's (Germany) Girlfriend.

NAME:Sarah Brandner
BIRTHPLACE:Munich, Germany.
Shoe:40/41 (or 10/10.5)
Dress: 36/38 (or 6/Cool
HER STORY: (taken from bild.de article and translation thanks to : http://17thgaffer.livejournal.com.)
Article in german + pictures : http://www.bild.de/BILD/sport/fussball/E....o=5025888. html

This is how she conquered Schweini's heart
It was her personal Summer fairytale. May 2007, A Schwabinger Fashion Boutique - "Apartment 20". Sarah Brandner, at the time 18 and a student at the Obermenzinger Secondary School in Munich and happens to meet Basti Schweinsteiger, then being 22 and a Bayern Super-star.

Out of that became the ultimate love. And ever since the EM08, is Sarah herself a star. She flew with the elite of the Wags. The most sought after, the most popular and the most snapped at the EM.

Sarah Brandner is now 19 years old, is 1.81 cm and is dress size 34/36 (Which is a British Size Cool. And Blonde. Angel Blonde.

"I would never completely get together with a guy, unless I was 120% sure", she told friends.

She found hr dream man: Bastian Schweinsteier (23). What he says about her - "I know, that in her I have found a very valuable person".

She's conquered Schweini's heart.
By their first interaction in the previously named Boutique, she wore from head to foot pink.
Schweini - "In her pumps shewas almost 1.90cm".
Then a coincidental reunion at Ibiza: She was having a girlie-vacation. The first kiss came in the return to Munich. Often their meeting place was the boutique. A seat there became the symbol of their love.
The secret of her radiance: Its her smile hat fascinates him. Her humor, her sense of harmony. Her confidence, her way of solving problems without having to fight or argue.
He bought the seat by the way. He even had her intials -'S' and 'B' stichted into them. Their love throne in their shared apartment in Schwabing.
She decoaretd the place together with a friend. A tree stump with roots as a coffee table, a multimedia system with Plasma screen TV and instead of hanging in the closet, the cloths hang on two thick metal rails.

Here is where they spend heir nights, cuddling together on the coahc, watching DVD's with friends. Or they go out to eat. Even though she can cook pretty well (her favorite is fish) and rarely eats fast food, she loves Sport (goes jogging together with Schweini).
But she would never call him Schweini: She calls him 'darling' or 'Basti'.

Her parents are separated. She even still goes to school, there students betted if she would be punctual to lesson, even though the night before she was EM games. She was always there.....

Year 12 (In the UK thats the first year of College), Obermenzinger Secondary School in Munich. Here she arrives every morning in Schweini's white Audi Q7. The majority of her clothing was designed by her friend whos a designer.
A schoolmate: "You just notice her. When she arrives, everyone turns around. But I find her very down to earth".

Next year she's studying for college -(The German school system is very different from the UK one - till 18 the students are still in Secondary school and only after that enter the UK equilevent of College. However in the UK, students already enter college at 16 years).
She want's to study, most likely Business Administration. And she dreams on a model career.

Schweini: "It's typical that a model makes the head of a footballer turn. by us its the other way around. She always has my back. We both suppoer each other".

Already at the age of 15 years, Sarah was approached on the street. Her 1st model job were promotional photos for StadtWerke Munich. She was interviewed for a modelling agency in Paris and meet Sting, Prince Albert of Monaco, Boris Becker and Wladimir Klitschko.

Sarah is on her way to the world of the stars. But her eyes will only shine for one person.

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Sarah Brandner
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